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Compared to the rest of UK North Wales seems to get less thunderstorms than average. Using our detector we will endeavour to prove it!

The graphic below is obtained using a Boltek lightning detector and a software package called NexStorm. The display is quite wide but it is shame to shrink it as sometimes the finer detail is lost. The usual operating sensitivity is about 300 miles and the map is set to 375. Sometimes I will change this to a smaller radius if there is a lot of local storm activity. Strikes are currenlty shown for the last 120 minute period. The symbol shape denotes the strike type and the symbol colour indicates the age of the strike. The graphic symbols on the map are translated into strike types using the table at the bottom of the map. The strike types are:

  • +CG Positive cloud to ground strike
  • -CG Negative cloud to ground strike
  • +IC Positive in cloud or intracloud strike
  • -IC Negative in cloud or intracloud strike.

I am sorry for the poor quality of the image but I had to shrink it due to a problem with Internet Explorer not rendering the page correclty. Firefox was ok as you might expect.... (I am working in it)

Latest Lighning Radar Plot

Storm Radar is far from an exact science and should never be used for any other purpose than amusement


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