This website is being given a facelift. I now have more time to devote to the site so it will be more up to date with events and what is going on in the area. A new section of places to visit is also being compiled complete with maps.A lot of the photos I have been sent over the years are going to appear in the new gallery. 

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The Lleyn is a small peninsula about 8 miles across at the widest part. There is a dividing line which run from Caernarfon in the North West to Porthmadoc in the South East. In fact, the A487 follows the line although some argue that the A4085 is a closer fit. You may decide for yourself.

Here are a few useful links to local maps.

Google Maps where you can see both a road map and satellite imageof the Lleyn. The Lleyn Webcam location is also marked on this map.

StreetMap where you can get a more detailed view including road and street names.

Multimap provides a good map with a satellite picture overlay.

Flashearth - probably the ultimate satellite photo and map browser. 


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