This website is being given a facelift. I now have more time to devote to the site so it will be more up to date with events and what is going on in the area. A new section of places to visit is also being compiled complete with maps.A lot of the photos I have been sent over the years are going to appear in the new gallery. 

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The Llyn Peninsula is one of Wales finest beauty spots. The Lleyn Peninsula (the Llyn) is usually defined as the strip of land which is South West of the A487 which runs from Caernarfon to Porthmadog.

For most of its length it is only 8 miles wide. Much of the coastline is National Trust maintained. The Welsh name for this area is Pen Llýn. The spelling of Llýn often changes to Lleyn which is probably more correct for English, but the former spelling is more commonly used locally.

When asked about North Wales most people immediately mention the weather with a particular reference to rain. Whilst Snowdon and the immediate area qualifies as the wettest part of Britain with over 200 inches per annum, the Peninsula averages only 36 inches, although at times it seems more! The problem is that it never drizzles when it rains - it really means it. That said, the local inhabitants have a saying which goes: "If the weather is nice stay here; if it isn't, go anywhere else".

Although only 8 miles wide, the Llyn Peninsula often has different weather on each side. The gulf stream ensures that there are few frosts and little or no snow. The main feature of the Lleyn that most people remember is the wind. We have consistent South-Westerlies which mean that small trees and hedges all lean the same way! The effect is most noticeable towards Aberdaron which is on the tip of the Llyn. On the upside, the sailing is always good. We have a weather page to see what the weather is like right now.  In case you think we are kidding you there is a visual check in the form of our WebCam.

To improve the image of this part of Wales from a weather point of view we have installed an automatic weather station which updates this web site (Llyn Weather) every 30 minutes or so. If further proof were needed we have installed a Web-Cam so that the beauty of the Lleyn can be seen all around the world. Should you wish to try the Llyn out for yourself then take look at our Local Links section.

The Llyn offers a lot of activities. Apart from many established walks, there are many beaches some of which are easy to access (Whistling Sands) and some which require a half mile walk. For the wildlife enthusiast there are many things to see; sea-lions, Chuff (Bardsey Island) and many bird species. Sailing, Fishing and Diving are also popular in the area. After all that activity there are many places to spend the evening ranging from quiet pubs to top quality restaurants - see Where to Eathe Photo Gallery contains personal pictures I have taken in the area and offers some idea of the beauty of the Llyn. Other Links are provided to other sites that offer information and services in the area of the Lleyn.

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