This website is being given a facelift. I now have more time to devote to the site so it will be more up to date with events and what is going on in the area. A new section of places to visit is also being compiled complete with maps.A lot of the photos I have been sent over the years are going to appear in the new gallery. 

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All that rain PDF Print E-mail

Well, the rest of the UK seems to have taken a lot of rain yesterday (Sun) but we only managed just 1mm. Too often "Wales" is branded as a very wet country when, in fact, it is Capel Curig that gets most of it!

Being so close to Snowdon, Capel Curig is a racing certainty to collect rain from the predominantly wet south-westerly air streams from the Atalantic. The laws of physics dictate that the moist air will become super saturated when it is forced to increase it's height (which lowers the pressure) to get over the mountain. 

Here on the Peninsula, apart from Rhiw, we are a modest 100 metres above sea level so the moist air is much less affected. Rhiw, being just about 320M ASL, does cause local "fogs" sometimes which is quite sppoky to see.



Spam and abuse of email addresses PDF Print E-mail

Well, today I received an email from BT. Nothing wrong there you might say except the email address was one I used for online ordering from DABS. BT bought DABS and, it seems, they are using the DABS email list. Again, youmigh say so what? The email was not for DABS products but BTproducts and you were linked to their shop not DABS.

Even though I did allow DABS to use my email address for marketing, I did not tick the box marked "third parties".  Accoring to Ofcom (waster of space really) this is an abuse of my email address. 

 I have complained to BT but only received a stock reply. I have tried to use Ofcom in thepast but they really aren't interested and offer an online form that seems more geared to dscouraging you from persuing the process.


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