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The Lleyn Peninsula is located in North Wales southwest of Bangor. The Lleyn is one of the finest beauty spots in Wales.

The Lleyn Peninsula (the Lleyn) is usually defined as the strip of land which is South West of the A487 which runs from Caernarfon to Porthmadog. For most of its length it is only 8 miles wide. Much of the coastline is National Trust maintained. At the lower end is Bardsey Island. The Welsh name for this area is Pen Llŷn. Lleyn is more correctly spelt Llŷn but, the former spelling is more commonly used. Whichever way you spell it you will not please someone! If want to discuss the name then go to LLeyn Name and join the discussion.

When asked about North Wales most people immediately mention the weather with a particular reference to rain. Whilst Snowdon and the immediate area qualifies as the wettest part of Britain with over 200 inches per annum, the Peninsula averages only 36 inches, although at times it seems more! The problem is that it never drizzles when it rains - it really means it. To check the current Lleyn weather visit lleyn-wales weather. There is a webcam too!

There is much to see in the area and we hope that most of it will be mentioned here in time. -

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